20 Noviembre 2023

UNAB Pride! Athletes from U. Andrés Bello participated in 30% of the medals obtained by Team Chile in the 2023 Pan American Games

Students and alumni of the Universidad Andrés Bello won 25 medals across various disciplines, contributing to the 79 medals won by Team Chile. This highlights the exceptional level of UNAB athletes and their immense dedication and commitment. Four medals won were gold, 12 silver, and nine bronze.

The Pan American Games Santiago 2023 marked a historic celebration for Chile. Over 17 days, the nation was captivated by a display of pride, emotion, joy, and effort, as the event captured everyone’s attention.

In a historical performance for Chilean sports, the public enjoyed each competition with record attendance across venues. Team Chile won 79 medals (12 gold, 31 silver, and 36 bronze).

  1. Andres Bello was fully engaged in the spirit of the event. Dubbed the ‘University of the Pan American Games,’ it played a multifaceted role, contributing through academic endeavors and actively promoting the event within its community.

The Pan American Games came to life across U. Andres Bello’s campuses. Tickets were distributed for attending the athletic events, inspiring over 1,000 students to volunteer for Santiago 2023. Additionally, a dedicated community was formed to track the games and keep all students informed about the outcomes of each competition involving Unabinos.

Our students and alumni at UNAB rose to the occasion with remarkable success. Among our university’s more than 70 competitors, a significant number achieved podium finishes. Contributing to 25 of the medals won by Team Chile, our athletes represented about one-third of the nation’s total medal tally at the event. Specifically, they garnered four gold medals, 12 silver medals, and nine bronze medals.

This achievement is a source of immense pride for every student and the entire Universidad Andrés Bello community, now preparing to cheer on our athletes who will compete on November 17 in the Parapan American Games.

Escrito por Sonia Tamayo