18 Enero 2024

U. Andrés Bello is ranked among the top five universities in Chile in the URAP 2023-2024 Ranking

The University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) measures the academic quality of around three thousand higher education institutions worldwide. In this version of the ranking, UNAB ranked fourth nationally in three of the six variables.

The results of the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) 2023-2024, a measurement that places Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) among the top five universities nationwide, were recently announced.
The URAP ranking measures the academic quality of around 3,000 higher education institutions worldwide, including 29 Chilean universities, making this evaluation one of the university classification systems that covers more institutions worldwide. In this measurement, the Universidad de Chile occupied the first place, and UNAB was fifth.

Dr. Carolina Torrealba, Dean of Research and Doctoral Studies of Universidad Andrés Bello, highlighted the results achieved by UNAB, noting that:
We are proud of the position achieved by Universidad Andrés Bello in the URAP 2023-2024 because it validates the constant commitment of teachers, researchers, and students to academic excellence and quality research. Undoubtedly, it encourages us to go for more, we aim for the research developed here to be of impact and benefit to society.

URAP Methodology

The URAP Ranking has been elaborated since 2010 by the Institute of Informatics of the Middle East Technical University (Turkey) to measure the academic quality of higher education institutions based on their scientific productivity. Although the ranking considers around 3,000 institutions worldwide, only the best 2,500 are rated.

This rating considers six performance indicators that address the number of publications, their impact, and the performance of international research collaboration on each campus.

The University Ranking by Academic Performance indicators are as follows:

  • Article, which is a measure of current scientific productivity that considers publications in Q1, Q2, and Q3 journals;
  • Citations, a measure of the impact of the research conducted;
  • Total number of documents, that show the sustainability and continuity of scientific production;
  • Total article impact (AIT);
  • Total citation impact (CIT); and
  • International collaboration.

In the 2023-2024 URAP ranking, Universidad Andrés Bello ranked fourth nationally in three of the six variables. These are Articles, Documents, and Impact at the article level. UNAB also ranks fifth in Citations, positioned among the top 10 national universities in the other two variables.

This excellent result adds to other recent international achievements of the Universidad Andrés Bello, such as its position among the four best universities in the country according to the prestigious Shanghai 2023 ranking and its outstanding position among the top three higher education institutions in Chile in high-quality scientific production, according to the Nature Index 2023 ranking.

Also, at the national level, UNAB is among the five best universities in Chile in terms of research quality, according to the Ranking of Universities La Tercera – Qué Pasa 2023.

In this way, Universidad Andrés Bello demonstrates its excellence in generating knowledge and its leadership position in the academic field, facts supported by six years of national accreditation at the level of excellence in all areas.

Escrito por Pamela Alarcón